To allow broad participation of practitioners, researchers, industry professionals, policymakers and members of civil society, ALIGNER makes use of its Law Enforcement Agency Advisory Board and its Scientific, Industrial and Ethics Advisory Board. Members of these advisory boards can participate in project workshops, provide feedback and guidance on activities and outcomes of the project, and will act as information conduits between the project and other stakeholders. 

Individual experts can become members of ALIGNER’s advisory boards by declaring interest via the online form below. After a positive review of the declaration of interest, CBRNE Ltd. – as manager of ALIGNER’s advisory boards – will contact prospective advisory board members with initial instructions and further information.  

In addition to its two advisory boards, ALIGNER maintains a liaison group with other research projects that cover topics connected to the topics of ALIGNER.

Law Enforcement Agency Advisory Board (LEAAB)

The LEAAB gathers professionals from policing and law enforcement, security professionals, customs agencies, and other law enforcement agencies. Its members provide ALIGNER with information on capacity enhancement needs and other requirements for the use if AI in law enforcement. 

Scientific, Industrial and Ethics Advisory Board (SIEAB)

The SIEAB consists of researchers, industry professionals, ethicists and civil society representatives, and academia. Its members provides ALIGNER with input on current developments from industry and research.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no. 101020574.