Save the date: ALIGNER Workshop no. 5 – AI, cybercrime, and cyber security

Mrz 9, 2023 | ALIGNER event, Top News

With the increasing popularity of AI technology, there is a growing concern about how it could be used for malicious purposes and which implications the use of AI by law enforcement might have. For example, ChatGPT has demonstrated remarkable capabilities in natural language processing and conversation generation. However, its sophisticated algorithms and ability to learn from vast amounts of data also raise questions about its potential for misuse. In particular, there are concerns about the use of AI chatbots for social engineering attacks, such as phishing and identity theft.

The 5th workshop of the ALIGNER project aims to address some of these issues and bring together experts from practice, policy, research, industry, and civil society to discuss the risks stemming from the misuse of AI for fraud, the use of AI-enabled malware, and cyber security implications from the use of AI by law enforcement. The workshop will also shed light on potential unintended consequences of the use of AI by law enforcement and give the possibility to discuss policy and research gaps that should be addressed in the future.

The workshop will offer a mixture of presentations and small working sessions to showcase project results from ALIGNER and other research projects, and gather input from experts to shape project outcomes.

When & where?

The workshop will take place in hybrid format from 21st June 9am to 22nd June 1pm via MS Teams and at Fraunhofer IAIS’s facilities in Sankt Augustin.

Who can join?

ALIGNER’s advisory boards, other research projects, and individual experts from academia, policy, industry, and civil society are invited. Please note that, due to space limitations, on-premise participation is upon invitation by the coordinator only.

Registration & information

Registration will open at the end of March and additional information will be provided during April and May.